Annual Pass

Annual Pass Members of the Historical Society of Central Florida are part of a vibrant community of people who value the history of Orlando and the Central Florida region. Members make a special investment in the Center to support education and outreach programs for thousands of children a year, the ongoing preservation and conservation of our extensive archives and artifact collection and our wonderful gathering places for the entire community to enjoy – at the 1927 County Courthouse.

Annual Pass Levels and Benefits

Annual Pass Application

Online Membership Application

For more information on Annual Pass Membership reciprocal programs and benefits, please visit the links below:

Time Traveler’s Reciprocal Museum Program included in ALL Membership levels.

Smithsonian Affiliate Membership available for an additional $12, or included at and above the Sponsor and above level.

Southeastern Reciprocal Membership Program included at the Supporter and above level.

North American Reciprocal Museum Program included at the Sponsoring and above level.